AGORA International School continues cultural traditions and education in the west area of the country (Transylvania) as a private institution of higher education and research founded by university Agora of Oradea with decision of 17 September 2011, organized in accordance with Education Law no. 1/2011 and Regulation of organization and functioning of first level schools (approved by OMER no. 4925/2005).

Agora International School aims to become the main partner of AGORA in the education of students in Oradea, representing the highest interests. The school has opened its doors for all those who need education and training regardless of ethnicity or religion. The mission of AGORA International School is didactic, done by assuming a full public responsibility, and is focused on:

  • public student-centered quality school
  • and transfer of knowledge for the benefit of society

School mission is to contribute to the development of education in the Western tradition of Romania, in keeping and transmitting European science and culture, the creation of new scientific knowledge in fields that are part of the objectives. School gives young people the necessary conditions for harnessing their skills through education and other complementary activities.

AGORA International School aims to become a cultural and civic center, designed to contribute to the development and dissemination of national and universal cultural values, to promote pluralism and the development of political and civic culture, and by its graduates and scientific research, to contribute to improve the performances of commercial units in western Romania.

At Agora school each child is guided with care and competence to form an harmonious personality, being happy, independent, able to respond creatively and responsibly in various life situations.

AGORA vision is inspired by the theory of “Multiple Intelligences” by Howard Gardner, where the school must develop and motivate individual students valences with academic programs, sports and art, supported by personal, emotional and social factors.

Plans for the development of our facilities are ambitious and want to offer to our students, our parents, our community, high standard locations equipped with all the facilities of a modern school.

Our point of view and the uniqueness of each child must be respected and valued, focusing on positive relationshipsbetween our students and stimulating educational experiences. Children will be exposed to a wide variety of activities and experiences, they will find out what activities can excel in but, more importantly, identify what make them happy and help them to lead a fulfilled life.