A unique experience that blends fun with kids personal development. “Access to Success” is the motto of the summer school where children aged between 3 and 15 years learning to become true leaders.
It is an unique experience in which children combine fun with personal development. “Access to success” is the summer school’s slogan in which children of 3 and 15 years old learn to become real leaders.

In a warm and friendly atmosphere, children develop their social and communication abilities, as well as competencies specific to team work. They learn to cope in limit situations, to take brave decisions and to find ingenious decisions to the daily problems.

Personal development courses represent a great experience in which children learn to be patient, to focus, they develop their attention and critical spirit, and they learn respiration exercises and communication techniques.

Mentoring and life-coaching program helps children to be self-confident and to trust in their own potential, to discover their talents and their life objectives.

  • Creative thinking: training flexible and original thinking, identifying own learning style.
  • Behaviour in society: good manners, social skills
  • Neuro linguistic programming: NLP techniques adapted to the children’s understanding level
  • IT skills: computer using, creating a Word document, a presentation in PowerPoint, searching (sailing) on Internet
  • efficient communication: verbal, non-verbal, in public
  • business education: time management, developing attention, the power of concentration, organization and prioritization of daily activities, promoting personal image, negotiation
  • emotional intelligence: forming a creative personality, developing courage, intuition and empathy

Courses are practical, interactive, entertaining and they aim to develop children’s abilities to think, to improve school, emotional, social performances. Attitude, behaviour, language – 3 steps towards your children’s success!

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