Agora International Primary school enrollment is based on the following considerations:

  • met the legal minimum age
  • mental, physical and intellectual normal development of the child
  • compatibility of values ​​and vision between the school and family
  • quality of school-family partnership
    • compliance with financial, legal and common deadlines
    • parental involvement in school life
    • quality of communication with the teachers, administrative staff and management representatives
    • observance of rules and procedures of the school
  • child’s potential to benefit from our educational offer
  • school’s ability to meet the educational needs of the child
  • a state of health that allows normal school attendance
  • harmonious integration capacity of the child and family with the Agora collective

Note: have priority in enrollment brothers and sisters of our school students.

Steps Application Process:

  • Familiarization with our educational offer
  • Completing the application form and application fee of 500 RON.
  • Complete a questionnaire to parents.
  • Observing the child by a Personal Development Coordinator (attending at least one day in the school).
  • Visit the school and have a parental conversation with the Admissions Director (clarifying offer tuition, Parents Guide, Code of Conduct etc).
  • Parents conversation with the school director
  • Communication on decision regarding enrollment.

For more details on registration, please contact us directly:


Admission Director: Alina Angela Manolescu +40 728 284706

Application Procedure:

  • Completing the application:
    • Registration Form
    • Application Form
    • Copy of birth certificate
    • Medical statement  with vaccination certificate
    • Agreement form with Fathers Guide
  • signing of the school agreement
  • Registration fee of 500 RON