Agora primary school features are: friendly classrooms, study spaces, places of recreation, playground and gym.

Learning resources of the school are designed to allow pupils on:

  • individual training (self-improvement);
  • stimulate students’ participation in extracurricular events interdisciplinary fields
  • participation in interactive activities in the laboratories and workshops
  • participation in national and international competitions and contests
  • organizing educational exchanges between different institutions in the country and abroad

AGORA Students have free access to the books and periodicals in the school library, and free unlimited internet.

The school library has a sufficient volume for each of the subjects covered in the curriculum, as well as subscriptions to major journals.

Space for students are appropriate for their age and community spirit of Agora to encourage the study and development of students’ talents, interculturalism and social relations:

  • Large comfortable classrooms, laboratories, library and media room, art rooms, music, self study and counseling, gym, festivities, offices and meeting places
  • Flexible modular furnitures, enables differentiated access for students from one activity to another, flexible seating, ergonomic back protector
  • Professional lighting with light warm-cold
  • Computers, internet access and projectors, smart boards